Sunday, August 24, 2014

To .... An Ode to Summer -

The plan was to already be asleep by now.
But I naturally felt like I needed to have all sorts of everything accomplished on this last day of summer vacation.

We mowed the lawn.
I actually like mowing the lawn.
Probably because I don't have to, if I don't want to.
My 8 & 9 year old boys need the experience however.

There is also great ice cream in the freezer.
Muffins on the stove ready to be baked fresh in the morning.

The school room got one final vacuum & this put there & that fixed.
We're welcoming friends to our place in the morning.
Pretty excited for a new year, with new schedules.

But first ..... a dump of pictures from the phone from the last couple of months.
As usual raw & unedited.
I think the sophisticated way to say that is #nofilter :)

.... way back from our camp trip. the good ol' pine shack. we're all grouped up under the sign .... except for brother boy - who is just walking right past.

..... when leaving for errands with mom always bring 1. blankie 2. a tractor 3. an entire box of graham crackers. check, check & check

..... i never ask for these sort of moments but i always do my crazy best to remember them when they happen.

.... the day i was mopping under the table talking to amie

..... while it's tempting to mock the circa 1986 polly flinders old school dress now being worn by daughter number two - don't. also we were watching world cup.

..... it was the only morning of the whole summer we made it to the farmers market.

..... favorite parts of summer .... nothing to do but sit outside & read good books

..... a boys knee ran into her eye. she said the boy fell down & she didn't.

- - -

..... the last meet of the season i was going to take pictures all day. but at not quite 6am the camera battery was dead.

 ..... they should've got medals - early mornings, crowded bleachers, days.

..... we found the perfect color nail polish & wore some team spirit

.... different parts of the day found our tent full of friends

.... sometimes after a race he'd come find me & we'd sit & take selfies.

- - - 

..... save the sheets buried under all that, it's what got pulled out from under their bed.
#idrathercleanaboysroomthanagirlsroom #anyday :)

..... the eye doctor wouldn't let us all make appointments at the same time - this was one of our trips.

..... always a surprise scrolling through pictures.
#thereweremanymorejustlikethis #execptmyarmwasindifferentpositions 

..... darling-ness standing on a counter

..... a little throw back for you. 
#blinkthatwasjustyesterday #or2008

.... i look over while shopping & there she is - sitting on the floor of target diligently studying the spanks :)

.... a good picture of summer & how we spent a lot of it.

..... waiting for his turn

...... getting their tickets stamped ... or scaned

..... maybe we didn't pay attention to every single play.

..... i am only completely in love with his people art.
#itsthehair :)

..... again homeboy in his man towel ... fresh from the tub.

.... i would have argued that a 24 count box of new crayola crayons was the best back to school find there was - but this. this was a well spent 60 cents.

..... she's a gifter. always creative. always thoughtful. always truly giving something of hers to someone else.

..... he 'helped' clear the table one morning.
#itwasnthelpful :)

..... yep. 

..... when your friends baby falls asleep in your arms & you spend hours just chatting. only its more than just chatting 'cause life is more than just a chat.

..... ned got stuck in the tree.

..... coffee cake, carrots & crowder on the radio.

...... i love a hot social hall on a summer evening filled with beautiful people singing 'till we meet again'

...... she's hung out a ton with me the last couple of weeks.

..... i'm very inspired to read Francis Schaeffer after reading this quote of his.

..... this was how interested the boys were during the wedding ceremony :)

...... an outtake from the photo booth

..... :)

..... out of order & way back from the 4th of july. 

...... instagram surfing landed me upon this great quote.

..... pirated our own picture off facebook :)

- - - 

Love Jesus friends.
Remember He is everything.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

To ..... A Ben Post -

I honestly can't think of the last time I sat on the couch.
Crazy, right.

But I'm here tonight ... or really early this morning.
I stayed up to pick up the house.

One ... or seven ... more loads of laundry.
Put away the popcorn maker that's been out for ... well really it's only been out for a day & a half.
Write that note on the calendar.
Sweep the floor.
Start my own collection of Legos :)

I'm letting a few songs play over & over.
I'm needing the truth of them to sink past my brain right down into my heart.

We're on a countdown of 4 days left of summer vacation - official.
I've spent the last couple of weeks neck deep in preparing.
5 kids is a lot to school.
Actually :)
Plus Chad.
Who doesn't go to school.
Regan though .....
There is not a more excited almost kindergartener.
At least on our road.
Possibly in our whole town.
She tells me at night 'mom i wish school was started tomorrow'

Yep, she's that beautiful.
And if anything, inspiring.
For her I'll do much.

I've been kicking around the idea of one last summer fling.
We've got 4 days.
Plus an all day meeting.
A good bye party to throw.
A wedding to attend.
But still .....

- - -

Actually the point of this post was is Benny.

He's 8 now.
He has been for all of 15 days.
He likes being 8 he says.

We've been trying for birthday pictures all month.
I wanted this place past the orchards, by the corn fields.

We chased the sunset one night.
The little girls came with us & we didn't make it in time.

But this morning .... Sailor did his hair & he brought his bagel outside & we slapped mosquitoes off our legs & snapped a few.

I love this boy.
With all my everything.
I love how he keeps me humble.
I love his ridiculously beautiful chocolate eyes & tan all year skin.
I love how he's a middle kid & yet refuses to be lost in the mix of life.
I love how he is his own person - he's never ever gone with any flow.

Certain things are super easy to figure out about him.
Like let him sleep ... 12 hours a night if possible.
Ben is not a morning person :)

Other things are super hard to figure out about him.
Like his mind .... and what, why, how he thinks.
Ben is not one to wear his heart on his sleeve.

But he has no fear in being himself.
And still wears 5t shorts with the sides pulled in & buttoned.

Never mind his mostly eaten bagel in these : )
.... I love them 'cause they're about the realest Ben smile there is.

- - -

We actually spent his birthday at home.
We didn't go anywhere.
He got a new set of Legos & that was what he and Jack did.

Shirtless, of course ..... 'cause that's another easy thing to figure out about him :)

He wanted steak for dinner & we didn't even bake a cake because we were going to go out for ice cream.
But he ended up with a killer headache that left him laying in the bathroom throwing up.
Bum. mer.
In spite of that though, he told me he had a great day.

The night before we went & watched baseball, live from the bleachers.

there were focus issues here ... clearly :)
friends at our tailgate parking lot party -

- - -

I love you, Benny - love Jesus & live for Him with passion & abandon & without fear.