Monday, March 31, 2014

To ... #lifewithwe -

Don't lose your grip on Love & Loyalty. Tie them around your neck, carve their initials on you heart. Earn a reputation for living well in God's eyes and the eyes of the people.
....Proverbs 3:3&4 from the message.

Phone pictures from March.

Just snapped.
In real time.


- - -

sailor's creativity comes out in the girls dress -
baseball is serious business -

roo pop & i multi-tasking at practice -

molly's view of the sunset -

jacky up to bat. ps, i love baseball shirts

when you discover some dried up something in the bottom of the 'frig -

march .... and she was under water .... for 7 seconds :)

added to the list of my favorite drawings ever ... my lips, though :)

she was pretty jazzed to be helping with the house work

yes, he's that darling. rex thrift-ed his entire outfit.

chad had made a little zacchaeus craft - rex was 'helping' him climb down

just because -

clean kitchens ... with fresh cookies on the counter ... are worth documenting :)

regs & her big hair take target -

supporting dads team -

lawn mowing was a group event -

sailor cut up a pair of tights & turned them into boot socks for me -

in all my st patty's day glory ... workin' late -

long day for the little brother & sister -

he shows no preference to where he displays his art -

the boys (&friends) went to their 1st major league basketball game

again he's pretty into baseball -

early morning & bundled up

i was really very proud of them - our pre-race picture.

collecting his post race stash ... #try

walking down main street -

i love their imagination :)

and good morning.

waiting for dad & a walk -

3rd grade homework - 

him & me -

she told me she 'yooked so awesome' - yep, yep you do.

we have our own school security :)

2013's instagrams - in book form.

- - -

Sunday, March 30, 2014

To .... Remembering

This is my favorite picture from this week.

s.l.a.y. m.e.

Swim starts this week & while she is not officially on the team - she is going to be rockin' her own sweet style in Grandma's pool.

Rex bought her her own cap & goggles.
What she lacks in speed & aerodynamics, she'll make up in fashion :)

- - -

Sailor asked me earlier what I was doing ....
Remembering life, I said.

It's time to post.

Rex was digging through the kids cup drawer & the dishwasher looking for a top for Chad's bottle. He couldn't find any & when he realized I'd thrown most of them away because they were too old .... it was very funny.

Just order new ones, please - I managed to laugh out.
He's been around long enough to just order new ones.

- - -

Benny lost a tooth tonight.
He proudly showed me - with his mouth full of blood.
The kid is brushing teeth right out of his mouth.

- - - 

Sailor told us last night that she wanted a radio for her room. Rex told her she probably wasn't going to be getting one.
She came back with maybe wanting an phone. Then she could 'look up songs on YouTube like Allison'

We just kind of politely laughed - she missed the humor :)
Then we told her how we had a radio once .... back when we had a telephone .... the kind that was attached to the wall.
We added the attached to the wall part for clarification.

She was totally missing how hilarious the whole conversation was.
Just completely missing it.
Poor kid :)

- - -

So for the past 2 years Mom & I have driven south for a quick overnight trip.
I drive. Mom talks.
We take roads like Avenue 56 & Road 144.
Sometimes we stop at intersections where Ave 29 crosses Rd 29. No joke.
We pass hundreds of acres of orange groves & dairies. Fruit stands & orchards.
Miles & miles of open fields.
We show up at a house with a little flag banner out front that says Christ is Risen.
There's a wreath on the door & the lawns are mowed.
The aunts are there.
So are the cousins.
There's chocolate pie in the 'frig & old amber colored pitchers of tea on the counter.
Baseball is on the TV & in the bathroom there is hand lotion, soap & a candle all with the same scent.
We talk about babies & who is due when. How old is she now & boy has he grown.
We sample the latest Mary Kay products & inspect the deals found at Hobby Lobby.
We eat chocolate & drink coffee.
We listen to Patsy Clairmont ... live, in person.

It's this generation of beauty.
It's a heritage.
It's worth preserving.

- - -

I've been reminded {again} to believe what I already know.
Know truth.
Believe truth.
Act on truth.

And if ... like me ... you need to remember more than once a day, an hour or sometimes every 4 minutes - get a sharpie.

This weeks truth .... that's probably going to be sharpied, somewhere, somehow on someone(s)!!! is this .....
more often than not grace is needed most when it's hardest to give.
mercy too.

benny was attacked with bunny ears & regan's head was eaten by sunlight :)

- - -

Sunday, March 16, 2014

To ..... Fun

In a perfect world I'd like to be the mom who celebrates every holiday in full fashion.
We'd decorate.
Eat the right food.
Show up at the parade.
Give gifts.
Know all the correct history behind why we're celebrating.

It's not a perfect world :)

I am kinda kicking myself for not buying Lucky Charms. And why don't we have mint chip ice cream in the freezer, I don't know.

And then I think - what??!! there's like a million green colored veggies we could be eating instead.
We actually have a decent selection of them .... part of the reason why we don't have Lucky Charms!

I even looked on Pinterest tonight.

The kids are having a hard time reconciling tomorrow being a holiday & yet having to go to school.

Oh wait ... not a perfect world :)

But when your ridiculously creative better half happens upon some great photo booth St. Patricks Day props ....
You can at least have some fun. 

So fun we had.

I know right, he slays me :)
He was just not picking up on the festive spirit.

also dolly lost her first tooth this weekend

Are we going to have corned beef & cabbage tomorrow?

Do we know who St Patrick was?

Do we believe people should be saints?
Not really.

Do we want everyone to know Jesus?

Is there still a possibility of Shamrock Shakes & mint ice cream?
.... probably :)

- - -

Other parts of our Sunday afternoon included in no particular order - naps, popcorn & a 2 mile walk.

- - -

We've already missed 'middle name pride day' & 'national bubble week'. We might try & remember 'national zucchini day' : )

There is so much worth celebrating .... beyond middle names, bubbles & zucchini, obviously.
It's also ok to just have fun.

ps - we are not Irish ;)