Saturday, August 15, 2015

To ...... the First Ride -

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In the classic documentation of childhood ....
Roo-pop learned to ride a bike.

It wasn't planned & started like this .... training wheels & motorcycle helmet.
Ben got a new bike for his birthday & it inspired all sorts of accomplishment.
So she changed bikes & lost the helmet & I ran along beside her with my hand on the seat - cheering her on & telling her to look ahead, way way down the road.

There was all sorts of amazing tongue action going on :)

- - - -

Not quite ready for the Tour de France but clearly on her way :)
Parenting moment 5,398. check.

Friday, July 31, 2015

To .... 12 Years & Counting -

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I know they're blurry, but ....
There was this gust of wind that blew my skirt all Marilyn Monroe like & it was clearly (or not so clearly!)  hilarious :)

- - -

She's 12.
All sorts of fabulous & amazing & crazy & unknown 12.

She's changing ..... right in front of us.
I'm so wowed that I still get a front row seat to her life.

This years July 15th was spent at vbs, the pool, & the donut shop. We painted nails, barbequed burgers & went to the movies.

One, Rex could get a job at any department store during the Christmas season wrapping gifts .... duct & electrical tape being his specialties.
Two, I love the expressions on all the other kids faces (baahaahaa!)
Three, we smuggled good eats into the theater that night!

- - -

Red plate, little cousins, Grandma's fudge.
12 candles & happy birthday.

- - -

Her expressions this year are classic.
In pictures, besides the completely over-used bunny ears, her next favorite look is this mouth closed, wide eyed stare.
It's known as the les scwab tire look.
Don't ask .... there is no explanation why :)
So the look shows up in a lot of these .... except she usually can't keep it for long before she cracks ....
I love these & her most.

We had all kinds of background interference while taking these :)

- - -

In the quest for working technology around here .... she's discovering the exciting world of 'little people' :) 

- - -

I asked her what 12 things she wanted to do & learn this year were.
This was her list -

1 go to Great America
2 watch all the Marvel movies
3 make my own money
4 learn to sew
5 learn to french braid my hair
6 learn to curl my hair
7 get a new pair of rainbows
8 go to a major water park
9 learn to like soda
10 redo my room
11 go shopping at the outlets
12 watch all the Star Wars movies

Not quite where I was headed .... I had all sorts of other ideas.
But I'm not living her life - she is.
So I didn't tweak or edit any part of her list. 
xo Sailor Jane