Saturday, April 2, 2016

To ..... a Whole Mess of Life -

I never even instagramed one single blossom picture this year.

Gah, it was gorgeous.
Breathtaking, really.
God is ridiculously artsy & amazingly creative.

That picture doesn't do justice.

Meanwhile - we're way past that.
The lawns are freshly mowed & the A's are playing the Giants.
I love the sound the game on in the background.

Rex is reading textbooks.
His life right now is eat, sleep, read, read, read, repeat.

I, on the other hand, while being stupidly productive during the daylight hours have spent my nights in Stars Hollow with the Gilmore Girls.
Episode after episode after episode after ......

Must. Stop.

The birds are loud in the trees above.
The wash is going.
I told Molly she could watch a movie.
Sailor is once again refolding the clothes in her closet.

'Cause I just can't quite let my good upbringing of perfectly folded laundry set in perfectly neat drawers go to a complete waste.

Chances are she will never thank me for it - ever.

- - - -

And does this post have a point . . . ? ? ?
yes, this. obviously.

I was going to blog a post a day about all the different #lifewithwe events.

Here we are - it's going to be one big soup pot of random.
The kids & I went to see Zootopia today & I'm playing try again over and over.

I will never catch up to my kids in their music culture - but every now & then I'm cool :)


- - -

I wanted a title called the last fourteen years & the next fourteen years .....
Living here is a dream.

I love that God's dreams are bigger than ours.

- - -

In keeping with the random order of events - the beach comes next.

- - -

 Continuing the we-aren't-actually-taking-birthday-pictures-this-year tradition ..... Jack is eleven.

We went all out on celebrating.
popcorn. dr pepper. star wars.

And cousins, cause they're always up for a party.

He told me he's looking forward to getting older.
And driving.
So he can drive faster than me.

And I'm like what am I? some old lady!?
In the meantime he'll continue to compete in rock. paper. scissors. with his brothers & sisters for the front seat and have his mom drive him :)

This was also a sweet highlight of year eleven.
He's been asking & asking.
He told me driving home afterwards that he fights less.

And I marveled at the tangible way he sees Jesus.

- - -

Do you have any idea how overpriced & creepy carnivals are ......?

Red velvet .... on Valentines

School, in the valley, in the spring

She seriously could not believe that was once a real phone.
good grief, kid. and the idea of a phone attached to the wall with a cord - what  ? ? !

matchy-matchy sister friends

One of those really enjoyable family shop trips

Back in the day .....

Shopping with one kid - in too short pants -

After school imagination

Do you see how his ribs are all sucked in as his head is just hitting the water .....
July, dude. not February.

Sometimes I have no words ....

- - -

Wrapping up with the last birthday in January.

He wanted a bed.
Don't judge - the highchair & crib left the house.
After nearly 13 years ......

Now he sleeps on the bottom of a triple bunk with his brothers above him.
Plus he sits at the table in a little youth chair.

Bam - the kid is a man.
Yet he comes in the morning and burrows his way between Rex & I.

- - -

You make me brave
You make me brave
You call me out beyond the shore into the waves
No fear can hinder now the promises You made