Sunday, July 27, 2014

To .... a God who Goes Before, Behind & is Always by my Side -

(written late friday night)
(and i didn't bring my camera that night ... so phone pictures will tell the story)

Merry Christmas.
In July.

In honor of the holiday Regs is wearing a pink Santa hat to bed tonight.
Really it's a sleep prop .... she started the week throwing up at a friends house, then a fever, a cough & tonight cries of pain over her ear.
The Santa hat is helping.

- - -

Got a call Wednesday afternoon from a stranger with an out of town number.
She was nice & calm & asked if it was me & gave me her name.
Then she said she was with my daughter & there had been an accident.

I hadn't ever gotten a call like that.

It was a car accident.
But they weren't in a car.
They were hit in a crosswalk crossing the street.

The police & the fire department & ambulance were all there.

- - -

Sailor turned 11 last week & Grammy had planned an overnight birthday trip to the coast - with shopping & the beach & the wharf & surprises & a good time.
Rarely ever does my mother in law do anything 1/2 way. She is one of the most creative people ever.
The trip was planned to the 9's.

She gave Sailor a toothbrush saying that's all she'd need & to be ready a 9am.
I'm not sure who was more excited, Grammy or Sailor :)

- - -

I thought it was strange to see the out of town number  .... but thought maybe it was Sailor calling from the hotel phone to say hi.

It wasn't.
The angel of a lady said Sailor wanted to talk to me ..... but she really couldn't.
She was crying too much to understand.

The God of Angel Armies is always by our side.

What happened that afternoon at an intersection a few hundred yards from the ocean was all about God being good.
And merciful.
And compassionate.

Grammy was going to be medi-flighted to the nearest trauma center.
She took the brunt of the hit - being knocked about 10 feet & landing on her head - according to witnesses who saw the accident.

Sailor was being taken by ambulance to the local hospital. The fireman rode with her.
She knew her name, her birth date, her address, my phone number, the name & room number of the hotel they'd already checked into.

She wished she could just sit next to the fireman, but they told her she had to lay on the gurney. They put a band aide on her right elbow & two on her right foot. She waited in the ER for 2 hours till we could get there.

Her new found firemen friends left their phone number & brought her skittles 'cause they felt bad she was alone.
She was still shaking when we came.
She cried again .... and so did I.
It's something walking into a hospital you've never been to ask the elderly volunteer lady where the ER was because your daughter had been taken there by ambulance.

The God of Angel Armies is always by my side.  

stand up men .... these guys were

we took this picture as we were pulling out of the hospital parking lot so grandma & jack (especially) back home knew she was ok

instead of sitting in traffic on the way home - we walked to the wharf

we were hungry & love this place

she talked non stop telling us everything & eventually stopped shaking.

sights on the wharf

trying to decide which clam chowder was the best

this girl ....

here's us .... pretty thankful.
she thought i could stop taking pictures of her

i'd never driven a car with a back up camera - grammy's car has one

a shout out to the coasties

she had a couple gifts leftover ....

we took pictures for Grammy -

- - -

and since we were just down the street & the 28th is coming up ..... top left corner ... it's got a great view.

that's the crosswalk where it happened

- - -

Grammy is still not out of the woods. She's had quite the stay in ICU.  Getting hit by a car can really bang you up & fracture your skull & make you sick & nauseous & do not normal things to your heart rate.
It also makes you extra very grateful ...
For life.
And His mercy.
(an edit on Sunday - she was moved out of icu today, yay)
- - -

her grin that day was slaying me .... 

Thank you, truly, to those who've prayed.
It could have been so much worse .....
There was a newspaper article written up that night about it that you can read here -
The 11 year old teenager was our favorite part.
That and the part where they're still alive.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

To .... This Years Family Camp Trip -

So I was going to wait till the end of the post - but I am overly impressed with myself on this picture :)
I photo-shopped Amie into it, she's even standing by a tree.
Since she couldn't be there live & in person.
Great, right.
Right, so right.

- - -

Ok next - back in the creative memory days or even more recent shutterfly days, you'd make a whole album or book about some event you wanted to remember & since it was yours to make you could add whatever pictures you wanted and not have to decide between pictures like this one

or this one

They're pretty much the same but I like them both.
So this post is gonna be like a whole book.
I go back & forth in writing .... either writing for me or us or you.
This is for us.
And Amie.

Dedicated to the one & only Amie Louise ~
With love.
Come next year.
What's a $700 airline ticket anyway.
Only money.

- - - 

This is how we camp.
Go big or stay home.
Bring the couch.
And the American flag.
And the down comforter.
Fill the trailer.

Each kid had their own seat belt & we had room for Grandma.

We also bring tables & a highchair & tin dishes :)

See what I mean about not wanting to decide between pictures :)
Oh, and you're wondering why he's wearing a life jacket at the table in the middle of a field?
It's how camp boy Chad rolls, that's why.
We'll just say he's safe.
Very safe.

Back at Easter we made online reservations sight unseen at a campground we'd never been to.
We'd camped at the lake as kids.
But that was a long time ago.
We usually stay at the lake house now .... with showers & flush toilets & comfy beds & amazing kitchens.

It looked good online :)
In reality it was totally different.
Dry & dusty & hot, with more dry and dust and heat.
Where was the lake house??!!

And just to make things extra fancy, it was a walk in site.
So all that everything we brought - we carried through all that dry dusty heat.
Good times :)

Chin up.
Buck up.
Man up.
Make the most of it.
So we did.
For 5 great days.
We camped.
We made memories.
It was a super trip.
It was hot enough that the lake was not cold.
There was no one around our 'lake front' site.
We never ran out of marshmallows & there weren't any mosquitoes.

- - -

These are my favorite 3 pictures - 

or 4 ....

- - -

Bananas, graham crackers & red vines were the obvious pre-breakfast meal, followed by ham & eggs.

Unlike Chad .... Ams had a far lesser opinion of life jackets.

- - -

4th of July morning -

I'm bias .... but she's a beauty ~

- - -

He was ready any time, anyone would take him out ....

When he wasn't boating, the young doctor was educating himself.

She lost ... twice in a word search competition.
He loves to win.
She hates to loose.

- - -

We call this 'brother fixes his tent'.
To speak nothing of his fool air mattress that ate his lovely wife every night.

Benny photo hopped.

- - -

His after fireworks camp fire got too hot ..... also when did he grow up and have abs like that?

- - -

- - -

- - -

Conquering camp hair.

- - -

Paddle boarding to the dam proved to be a lot farther than originally thought ....
But they/we made it.

- - -

It was heavy.
He was strong.

- - -

We call these 'who lived where'

This is the good side of their tent.

The white stag lives on.

And us :)

- - -

Yep, fashion is our specialty :)

 - - -

Chad burned the tops of his feet to a crisp & Jack gashed his toe open.
Manning up & taking care of wounds.

The obvious take home here is real men bathe with their hats on.

- - -

 Heading home - 

- - - 

Chad pictures - 

- - - 

I love these people .... like crazy.
Next time, Lou.

- - - 

and that's all :)