Sunday, October 19, 2014

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(I'm going to pretend I'm up to date & current on posting & just jump right into a big ol' remember when post)

- - - -

Circa 1987.
This was the first time we went to Disneyland. I'm pretty sure Amie's red shorts are pulled up way too high. And the odds are actually pretty high I wasn't really smiling under the mask. I'm the one on the left :) If I could go back & tell my 8 year old self that smiling in a picture would not kill me, I would.

This is Dad, in all his 1980's glory,  on Main Street. Too bad the picture cropped off his too short shorts & you can't quite see his glasses :)

- - - 

Fast forward 27 years .....

Sunday, October 5, 2014

To .... #lifewithwe (September's Edition of Phone Pictures) -

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The kids are on the floor playing a game together .... they have my skills in strategy & Rex's competitive genes.
Read - they aren't doing well & arguing.

I'm going to let them hash it out & fill up this post with September's phone pictures.

- - - 

Welcome back.
I know, you had no idea that we left.
But we did.

We aren't in the living room anymore.
We're somewhere between home & the Anderson's.
Dad, Amie & I.
That is an unusual combination these days.
Dad's in the back & Amie is driving like she's from here :)

So back to September .....

 ...... Ben took an entire video of me picking sunflowers.

..... she was having some sort of problem.

..... at the end of a busy day, when we walked from Costco to Jamba for dinner & they were wearing space suits, they said.

..... Grandpa's office.

..... us.

..... where no oxen are, the manger is clean.

..... she put stickers on her face, plus goggles, stuck a comb in her hair, then cracked herself up reading calvin & hobbs.

 ..... them.

 ...... Live tickets to Disneyland

 ...... the blonde boy baby of ours, in the sand, at the beach.

 ...... This. This is beautiful, it's a slice of life from the generation ahead of us.

 ..... I know. I know. I shouldn't take pictures & drive.

 ...... Oh, hello fall on a drive-thru menu
 ..... she's telling the story.

 ..... my freehand of George Washington for upside art.
 ...... only at Walmart.

 ..... she free hands the USA.

 ....... he was waiting for his milk
 ..... the day I tied a scarf around my head

 .....she's doing her own hair now

 ...... He went out for like 4 minutes to play football.

 ..... Sometimes we take groupies & say good morning to Rex.

 ...... Sometimes this is how school gets done.

 ....... Sometimes she looks like this

 ........ Road trip over.

 ...... Slice of life from Mom's hall.

 ...... The aunts went thrifting for Little Mr. Anderson.

 ....... Roopop has her own ideas for him.

 ....... First picture pulling out in the morning. next picture, pulling in that night.

 ...... Late night walk in the dark - me & him. it was our first chance alone all day.

- - -

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

To .... Remembering Vacations -

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We start with this picture for no other reason than it was the very first picture on the camera.
Air heads are a treat.
So are vacations.

- - -

I left work & responsibility at home tonight.
Except for the kids .... I didn't leave them alone.
Life seems heavy.
Cancer & chemo & miscarriges .... friends are hurting.
So we hurt too.

School has been a beast.
How in the .... am I suppose to do it??

..... start sermon to myself ......

Stop trying.
Jesus is enough.

..... end sermon.

In happier news .....
Little Mr. Anderson was born this week.
It's the first of October.
Chad still sees me as his entire world.
And I went to bed before midnight last night.

 So I'm going back it time - a whole week.
I want to remember all sorts of everything from last week.
Time to blog :)

As a family we hadn't taken a vacation quite like this one.
The 2 of us have gone away.
Camping doesn't count :)

This was the real deal.
The whole week off.
Kids out of school.
Really leave town.

Dude, we were going to Disneyland.
All the kids.
Grandma & Grandpa.
Amie was flying out.

3 day hopper pass.
Reservations at the fancy restaurant.
Autograph books packed.

We scored deals on thrifted Mickey shirts & princess dresses .... and bought airheads.

The anticipation was crazy.

Rex showed him the 9 dot puzzle on the way down .... he worked for hours trying to figure it out.

I think one of the biggest treats was the 2 days we had before Disneyland.
Where we ordered pizza to our room at 9pm & jumped on hotel beds.

Regs won her daddy in a mean game of war.
We slept on the hide a bed couch & watched My Big Fat Greek Wedding.
We didn't have to be anywhere in the morning.

We ate breakfast at the hotel & were at the beach by 10.

still trying to figure it out -

- - -

- - -

- - -

- - -

Tough life going from the ocean to the hotel pool :)

- - -

That night ....

These sweatshirts used to be ours ... way back in 1980 something. Mom saves those sort of things :)
We walked to Downtown Disney.
Just to sniff the magic.

- - -

Full on Disney coming in the next post!