Saturday, November 28, 2015

To ..... Walks Down the Road -

A few days ago we went on a walk, the boys came with us.
I took pictures on Rex's phone & wondered why we didn't do that sort of thing more often & fell in love all over again with the beauty of them. 

- - -

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

To ...... Some Birthday Love -

I'm sitting here just drumming my fingers over the keys .... I have so much to write.
I've just baked potatoes for the first time in I can't think of when.
I'm listening to this song.

It's quiet in our usually loud house.
We're just going to throw up ... that doesn't sound right .... we're just going to copy & paste.

Birthday pictures ... that's the point.
We're posting old birthday pictures.

Roopop is six.
She sleeps in her clothes & only brushes her hair on an absolutely have to basis.
She loves pomegranates & broccoli and to be fair, candy.
She learned how to spell and write her middle & last names.
She plays with dolls and Molly.
She hasn't actually met a stranger & doesn't believe in personal space.
She enjoys the perks of older siblings and the friends they have.
She is loud and funny.

She woke up to gifts & love & breakfast.
Went to school.
Spent some time at Grandma's house.
Then ended her birthday at Awana.

- - -

Turning six for Regan doesn't actually come with birthday pictures this year.
These were from some Saturday where they did their sister thing for hours & hours together.

- - -

I'm slayed .... she is a grace & a gift from the very extravagance of heaven itself.
I could study her for a lifetime.
I'm trying to sum up in a line or a sentence what I pray she learns .... all while the words of that song still play.
Jesus, Roo .... He is all you will ever.ever need.

Every fortune cookie from Panda Express that Rex has ever read to her reads ....
             'you are beautiful and your daddy loves you very much'

- - -

Rex had a birthday too.
He is was showered with reckless and adorning love ..... and a bowtie :)

- - -

Saturday, October 10, 2015

To .... Leftover Phone Pictures -

There are hot muffins on the stove.
Really there are just a few left after the kids discovered them.
They chose breakfast outside this morning - in their fort.

I'm playing the same song over & over, while laundry washes & pictures upload.

It's about time for a post.
Instagram was not meant to be a blog :)

I sat in the car & let the tears gush watching this.
His first day of preschool.

This lady isn't actually our grandma ... but she loves us like one & we love her like one & so it all works out nicely.
Especially for us.

Jr High is a whole new world.
In so many different ways.

She is one of my very favorite people ever.

He smiled & asked for his picture to be taken.

They begged me to buy them all sport coats.
I was t.h.i.s close to saying yes.

I should publish a book .....
I would buy it.

She's a good aunt.
Regan has no skills in hair styling.
At all.

Way back on the day we packed my in laws house into a u-haul.

She didn't think is was nearly as funny as I did.
And she got it to fit.

Girlfriends since always.

She likes certain subjects better than others :)

Going through security at the airport I was stopped because I had not one but two pocket knives in my purse.
I was not thinking about flying .... I was only thinking about meeting Jack.
Don't try going through security with knives .... 3 days after the the anniversary of 9/11.

Another public service announcement .... home improvement stores are genius at convincing you your home needs improvement.

It was her last smile before braces ....

His & my picks on room decor :)

I love everything about the way she mothers.

I make a point to say yes every time she invites me to sit on her back porch.

He was 'talking' to his Sunday School teacher, Mr Ivan.
He was showing me his scooter from the grandpa that moved away.
He was a pirate soldier on the look out.

History comes to life when you're nine & have an imagination & free time after school.

- - -

And upcoming schedule of posts are as follows ....
3 months into a new life
school thoughts
Regan's birthday

' .... because You have made us and drawn us to Yourself and our heart is unquiet until it rests in You.'
(Augustine of Hippo)