Thursday, November 27, 2014

To .... Thankful -


Regan's hello.

A half hour ago the oven door was cracked, with a fresh bunt cake sitting on the stove. Candles were burning ..... and (((gasp))) Christmas music playing.

But the cake has cooled enough and now been sliced up.
Empty cups of egg nog.
Can of whip cream.

Find beauty in more than picked up & clean :)

Hello blog.

We're just jumping in for let's remember Thanksgiving post.

Thanksgiving started a weekend early.
These girls .....
They have the photogenic genes of their parents & it slays me.
We snapped pictures for 9 minutes in a light rain while the camera battery was blinking dead & their little brother became less & less interested in the family Christmas card picture.

- - -

Next ...
My sister in law.
I'm shamelessly delighted to be related to her.
She throws fabulous dinner parties, I like holding her baby & our little girls obviously can't sit close enough to each other :)
I was planning on taking a picture with her & I ..... but Ben threw up all over the porch after dinner.
So ....
That kinda killed the socializing.

- - -

Thanksgiving vacation had all sorts of great plans.
Molly thought we could go to Washington DC.
I thought we could go to the lake.
Day 1 - I laid sick in bed & the kids took care of themselves.
Ben shared the stomach yuck with Sailor, then me.
Maybe we'll do those things next vacation :)

- - -

Today we held our 2 annual Turkey Trot.
With the friends & cousins & the parade & flag football & pie. 

- - -

We are learning ... still .... to be thankful.
Good thing we have more than one day a year to practice.

- - -


April said...

And I am shamelessly delighted to be related to you! You bring so much fun and joy to my life. Love you to bits!!

Love all the pictures you took of thanksgiving and the Turkey trot! Jack and Jude... oh those boys make me grin! And I LOVED seeing Lisa's girlies in their little outfits! Love ya! XO

Shannon said...

Beautiful photos... looks like a lovely time, (except for the sickies!)