Thursday, May 18, 2017

To .... Eight Fast Years (or 9 counting kindergarten :) -

She graduated this week.
8th grade.

And just like that she went from starting kindergarten 3 months ago to starting high school in 3 months.

I'm at this sentimental crossroads thinking about her education.
It started around my grandparents old dining table.
It spent a lot of years out in our school room.
Huge parts were in the orchards.
It was the last 7 years with CC once a week.
It happened in the living room while she painted her nails & drew world maps & listened to read aloud's.

- - -

These are from the Challenge graduation.
I'm pretty sure there is no way I'd still be homeschooling my kids without the community that is these people.

- - -

These are from Mock Trial last month .... the swan song of her 8th grade year.

- - -

These are from nails & Starbucks with Lilly & Auntie Amie braiding her hair.

- - -

These are ..... please sneak out with me really quick, 'cause I want your picture even if the wind is blowing your hair & there is no good back drop.

- - -

This is the only shot of her giving her speech. Regan especially moaned our choice of seats.

..... and Pearly.

- - -

There's a big part of my heart that knows now all those times she cut out for the orchard before school started .... all those times weren't a big deal after all.

Because for example .... blink or blink again

Sunday, April 23, 2017

To .... This Year We Took Pictures -

- - -

We live in a little house at the end of a dead end, one lane road.
We're surrounded by almond orchards.
There's only 3 houses on the entire road.

Almond trees ... wait for it .... grow almonds.
A small oval-ish shaped nut that is really good when it comes in a can labeled honey roasted & you buy off the grocery shelf.

They're also actually remarkable good just straight off the tree.
Raw & fresh.

Harvest time is a beast.
The dust is insane.
The flies ....
The shakers, the sweepers, the tractors, the semi's.

Each winter the trees loose their leaves.
They're pruned.

Each orchard is different.
Some farmers keep the rows completely free of grass or weeds.
Some mow the rows.
Others let the weeds & grass grow.

The hundreds of acres around us to the west & south are immaculately cared for.

And every February ....
Every February the trees blossom.

Almond blossoms are beautiful.
For a few weeks they just explode with white blossoms that cover the trees.

Then it's our version of snow as they fall off and are replaced by the nut that begins to grow.

- - - 

Stop right now & google 'OBB sweater' 
You don't have to actually watch the video ... but the song .... I can not look at his blue sweater without singing -

you. wore. my sweater. 

It came in the mail as a gift to him & he was genuinely delighted & excited over it.

- - - 

This year Sailor wanted to take pictures.

Everyone does it, Mom ... she said.

We never do, Mom ... she said.

- - - 

- - - 

- - - 

So we took pictures. 
She found clothes & I googled how to tie a bow tie. 

Two months ago we had no idea we'd be moving.
We bought a house last week.

It's not at the end of a dead end, one lane road.
It's not in the middle of almond orchards.
There are more than 3 houses on the street. 

We won't be here next year.
Chances are we won't really be here next week.

We're living the last few pages of an amazing chapter in our lives. 
I'm leaving all sorts of tear stains on the pages.
The last 15 years have been that beautiful. 

It's .... I can't even think of the right adjective to describe how God has worked. 
How He has moved & showed up & been mighty & provided & led .... 

There are so many pictures on my phone of the house that is now ours. 
All sorts of before & during pictures. 

I'll tell the story. 

It's the start of the next chapter.
... which just makes these all the more special.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

To ..... Easter Twenty17 -

I'm not quite sure how as the 3rd girl Regan has no dress shoes.
No little mary-jane's. No fancy church shoes ... or even nice sandals.

Hi-top converses with lacy socks, it is :)

- - -

We were at church by 8.
Max came in 'jammies.
Rex preached.
We breakfasted with friends.
We had church.

We helped clean up & took home leftover Easter lilies.
Mom had an egg hunt for the kids.
Aunt Shirley fixed enough food for a month.
Dad & Ben took food to his homeless friend.

We watched 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.
Max took a nap.

Chad told me walking into church that Jesus died twice.
.... ??

No Bud, just once.

No Mom. Two times.
1 time for our sins and this day.

Well then .... we have some doctrine & theology & gospel to still impart & teach & share!

How does the Resurrection change us?

- - -

..... in every way imaginable.