Monday, October 10, 2016

To .... Seven Years with Regs -

It's one of the those moments where I'm just .......
gah, look what God has done .... what He's doing.

What He's showing us, what we're slowly figuring out.
Rex is at a (fancy word alert) leaders summit this week.
It's an awesome mix of suit coats & wingtips with tattoos & ball caps.
Old New Balance tennis shoes & collared shirts.

The music is loud .... they're singing 'Jesus, I sing for all that you've done for me.'
Amie keeps pointing out this person & that person. because. she's that in the know :)

So all that is for some other post.
.... just real time thoughts.

- - -

But now - her.

She turned seven last month.
and just excuse this bit of memory - couple of observations then & now that haven't changed ... her big hair & loud mouth, lol.

- - -

Rex took her to breakfast & she had a pretty lame list of her 7 things she wanted to do when she was seven.

Spending the night at Grandma's showed up like 3 times.
She didn't even have a birthday wish list.
We finally figured she just liked the surprise & excitement of her birthday.

She was the first one up the morning of her birthday - it was quiet & she walked around the corner to see her spot at the table.

She lit up ... and I almost cried.

Grandma brought donuts for breakfast.
She was tickled with a dyi pedicure kit.
Then she turned around & spent her birthday $$ on more nail polish, a plastic crown & lipstick ...
.... in a shockingly red color.

Again her excitement level over a wrapped package of store bought cookie dough & a disney movie was simple & beautiful.

We baked those cookies & watched the movie.

- - -

.... that oh-my-word-lip-color was so exciting it just had to be a part of these.

- - -

Little brother interruption :)

- - -

She had two red plate nights ... since Rex was gone for the first one.

- - -

you're loved, Roo.
so radically by Jesus.

- - - -

Sunday, September 25, 2016

To .... Recapping Summer -

Several things.
my sister was bald .... till forever.
my mom was clearly in the red & festive spirit.

That has nothing to do with summer.
Moving on.

This is a make-up post for 6 weeks of Summer weeks 4, 5 & 6.
Since it's officially fall now :)

Rex is doing homework at the other end of the table & I keep offering up random bits of conversation. It's not helping ... him .... or his homework.

So he's got his computer & I have mine.
I'm just going to keep crunching ice :)

- - -

The art of the group selfie ... being mastered by the Rodgers kids.

Back when Amie was here & she helped me scrub every wall & ceiling in the house ... right as harvest was starting & way before any crazy clean-everything-before-baby hits.

Cheap summer bouquets & little kids in jammies.

One day when Mom made donuts.

Another day when Chad was totally ready to stay & swim at Grandma's.

- - -

The last bits of swim season ....
I love how Ben's coach found him after his first race at the championship meet & coached him well.
My flip-flop tan ... it's an art :)

- - -

Leftover Toronto & anniversary pictures ....

- - -

We'll call this next section -
I meet famous people .... & wear the same shirt .... & take pictures in bad lighting :)
Amber hunted me down in Toronto & we stayed till way too late at a downtown pizza place .... completely refreshing to meet real life people that are real. Thanks for the effort & the hours together.
Jen Hatmaker .... was also a fun real life meet .... only she doesn't know me from Adam.
Erika, my lovely cousin on the right, while not (yet!) famous is beautiful in very way - xo.

- - -

Let the recorded temperature be listed at wAy-too-hot-for-what-he-chose-to-wear.
gah ... kid. it was 100 plus, yet somehow his logic went like .... I'm wearing my hood so my hair doesn't get messed up.

Grandma's 'church wall'
I was all swoony when they sent it to me ..... like they cared enough to do it on their own .... except for Chad, obviously :)

Random family strolls through town ... with balloon hats.

Summer days/friend days.

Some mornings we cook eggs or blend protein shakes .... or just feed our kids Fruit Loops :)

Some days 2nd grade is too much for Regan & she abandons school for stuffed animals .... who seem to have all endured too much mothering from her, lol!!

When she takes 700 pictures of herself on my phone ....

- - -

Sometimes I still sit & listen to him dry run a sermon to an empty room.
His 'new' job is still amazing to think about as reality.

That wedding he did ....

- - -

No joke & I quote -
'hey Pearl wanna talk?'

The next clear choice was to awkwardly stare with either your legs crossed or your thumb in your month.

- - -

School outtakes -

(math was not good today ----> i'm sorry mom)
Thankfully we're learning more than math ....

He's actually learning continents & oceans, but what he's showing me here is where he has determined the pirates live.
hello 4 year old.

- - -

My grandparents house sold this month & after decades it's no longer 'in the family'.
Somehow that was all memory jerking & I stopped at the cemetery ....

- - -

Small slice of harvest life.

- - -

I drove the kids through In n' Out for fries & shakes and asked for 3 cups of ice water for me .....
hello officially 6 months pregnant.

- - -

Instagram's quote of the Sunday ....

 ..... we weren't made to be amazing - we were made for amazement .....

and that's all.