Wednesday, July 27, 2016

To .... 6 Weeks of Summer ::: Part 3 -

When I asked her to twirl .... she said 'Mom, I'm not 4.'
My response was .... 'Just make sure I don't see your underwear.'

t h i r t e e n
not 4.
got it.

For a trip down memory lane when 4 was for reals .... click here  : )

- - -

So we're like three weeks behind on these poor posts.
Oh well :)

Birthday week for Sailor Jane!

It started off ridiculously sweet for these two.
The swim team's annual swim-a-thon fundraiser's grand prize this year was 2 tickets to Disneyland.
It was Ben's year to raise our family's cost.

But the lure of the prize was too much for Sailor & she talked Ben into letting her help.
It paid off well for them & they won.

- - -

This is her are-you-really-going-to-make-me-wash-dishes-in-the-back-laundry-sink face.

We are.

Because .....
Life, darling.

And birthday week is not all about thrones & tiaras.
But way to rock that apron, babe  < dancing girl, emoji >

- - -

The movies on a whim decision was a part of birthday week.

- - -

She was actually gone for most of her birthday & dinner was the meal we finally had her back for.
A dinner of french toast & not enough candles.

- - -

A late night sleepover, ice cream, unlimited chocolate sauce & a chick-flick on the laptop.
I'm glad she has these girlfriends.

- - -

Next we have random pictures from her phone ....
because, 13.

She hand drew & enter this poster in a contest & won ..... $100 bucks for it.

- - -

Her birthday treat was a check off on her bucket list of going to Great America.
As told in her own words :)

Great America was definitely an adventure mainly because dad literally can't go anywhere without losing his wallet. This time he lost his keys too. (grandmas keys mind you) And we didn't have any food and we were starving and it was 3'oclock and it was like a hundred degrees and all he had was apple pay... So we spent like two hours wAlKiNg to a tiny chevron store thing and got $40. Two of the guys from church drove all the way to great america to give us the spare keys. But we had fun and it great.

"but we had fun & it great"

- - -

I told her birthday snaps this year didn't have to be elaborate .... but I rEalLy wanted something.

Naturally she had nothing to wear, her hair wasn't done & it was too hot.
How 'bout that cute dress you were just given?
Your hair is amazing up, down or inside out.
Yes it's hot .... but I'm sure I'll be hotter :)

It was 107 yesterday.
It was sweaty where my nose touched the back of the camera!

- - -

- - -

You are beautiful in ways you will never know.
You are loved & accepted & known by a God who has given you an identity in Him.
xo, all the love Twinks.

- - -

' ... and may I be found in Him .... ' phil 3:9

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

To .... 6 Weeks of Summer ::: Part 2 -

I'm on laundry load one hundred and seventeen from a week at camp - 8 people times 7 days times camp equals 117.
That's not counting load 3 from Regan getting sick last night & for the love not being able to make it any where sanitary before they throw up.
It's also not counting the extra loads due to the sink backing up & flooding tonight.

'cause when it rains it pours .....

- - -

The kids are watching Pirates of the Caribbean .... it's become an after a swim meet tradition, when we're hot & tired & just want to do nothing
Good grief the movies Chad has seen at age four that the other kids ...... parenting the sixth kid looks different than parenting the first.

exhibit A .... he got his own cup at Starbucks :)

- - -

We went to camp last week.
A real for life family camp - with cabins & programs & activities & meals & friends & talent shows & ....

We'd never done anything like that before .... we didn't know exactly what'd it be like.
Certain kids had very mixed emotions on what they thought ...... I blame Rex when it comes to their love tradition, must have routine sort of ness.

We were actually asked to be part of a team that ran the elementary age kids program.
Bible stories
Live & pre-filmed skits
.... the whole 9 yards.

We said yes :)
How hard can green screens & filming be? Or games for over 100 kids? Or a group of 37 3rd & 4th graders?

Camp t-shirts for all :)
And less flies & mosquitos than at home.

It was suppose to be Jack's week for my whole 6 weeks of summer programming but this is about the only picture from the entire week I have of him ....

Over-exposed  & blurry.
He thrives at places like that .... tons of new people to meet, way too much to do, always something going on, no one monitoring what he eats or doesn't eat :)

Doesn't every vacation start with a stop at a random CVS - lol, for safety pins.
Ours did.
Complete with Rex having to carry Chad, who didn't have shoes on.

He got stuck on the way up to hollowed out tree stump.

His little camp class made those little water bottle cozy's.
Creative genius on the part of the teacher that came up with the idea.
Pretty much his prized possession of the week.

My name tag is spelled wrong & we just had to endure the graphics of the camp shirt .... feel free to look away :)

As long as the helmet fit & the harnesses could be cinched tight enough they let him ride anything .....
rock wall
flying squirel
water slide

And his I'm afraid of nothing attitude meant he tried it all.
I can't get the videos to load.

After they zipped, they had to run the pulley back & then carry the rope.

Let's just say rock wall climbing isn't their specialty :)

- - -

The snack shake had great shakes & coffee.

It also seemed like the perfect place to take blurry pictures of us :)

- - -

4th of July -

Every year at camp they host a 'mountain goat run'
Chad ran in the kid goat race .... he was convinced his too small hiking boots would make him run super fast.

The fair truth is Ben is a faster runner than Jack.
They came racing around the last corner, pretty much stride for stride.
Ben edged him out by barely seconds

Chad jumped in & ran the final stretch with Molly.

- - -

Camp friends.

Cheesy 4th of July parades are a perfect camp-ish sort of thing.

We marched as a parade of nations.

Never mind it being the 4th & not wearing anything patriotic, or even wearing camp shirts .... we were the live skit actors for the week - athletes from Slugovia, lol and had to wear our 'team uniforms'.
No shame ... or pride .... however you want to look at it :)

- - -

Beach Day -

With friends .... the personalities between those 3 was bigger than life.

Another stellar picture of us ...
Also please take your weather cues from the hoods & towels and not our shirtless, wet kids - gah, it was cold.

Great friends to spend a week with -

- - -

Molly's camp commentary.
My favorites are all her 'and then's', followed by her meticulous detail to timing & numbers :)
Her words are in italics.

the best part of camp was the singing and the dance party and movie night and the carnival.

we woke up at 7:30 and got ready to go & went to breakfast at 8.
then at 9 we went into the fireside lodge and we did songs and we counted slugs.
and one guy brought in 27 slugs!
then we went to classes - first we did art, then we did story time, then we did games & snacks.
then we went back to the fireside and we sang more songs till the parents got out.

we ate lunch at 12:30
after lunch we got to play and find slugs.
we ate dinner at 5:30pm
and then we went to our other class.

after our class, there was always something special.
my favorite was the dance party. 


alrighty then, done :)

- - -