Tuesday, August 30, 2016

To .... This Year in School -

We're all of 2 days into the twenty16/twenty17 school year.
So I thought I'd document it ...

We ( ... mostly rex & i) worked our butts off prepping for this year.
We're starting in a better place than last year ... all sorts of amens for that.

There's a sentimental-ness to this year .... like it might be Sailor's last year at home or it's the last year before Chad starts kindergarten.
Gosh, the years are truly long even though the days are short.

And then in the last 2 and a half days, I listened to this book on audio & I'm challenged to all depths over everything school related.

Seriously .... what is with them.

We had every internet crisis in the world yesterday & that grounded several subjects.
We fought over math.
We forgot times.
We used brand new crayons.
We started a new read aloud book.
We ate lunch together ... sort of.

- - -

- - -

(the girls weren't feeling the pictures like the boys. or really just Dolls .... who thought she'd be late for class)

- - -

Chad fell asleep on the way home today & never woke up.
The boys in earth shattering shock came home & on their own did homework.
Regan rode her bike for over an hour.
Molly started writing a book.
Sailor changed clothes & begged to go out with a friend.
Rex had an all night meeting.

We bought churros at Costco just 'cause.
And also  ... a pumpkin pie ....
It's not even September.
I told the kids we couldn't buy one every time we went from now till holiday everything.
But you know .... our baby is ok with pie, so there's that :)

Yeah, it's just day 2 but gah ..... they are fabulous & I'm slayed over the privilege of being with them during their school days.

Here's to #butlerroadacademics 
8th grade
6th grade
4th grade
3rd grade
2nd grade
and preschool

Praise God from whom all blessings flow
Praise Him all creatures here below
Praise Him above ye heavenly host
Praise Father, Son & Holy Ghost

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

To .... 6 Weeks of Summer ::: Part 3 -

When I asked her to twirl .... she said 'Mom, I'm not 4.'
My response was .... 'Just make sure I don't see your underwear.'

t h i r t e e n
not 4.
got it.

For a trip down memory lane when 4 was for reals .... click here  : )

- - -

So we're like three weeks behind on these poor posts.
Oh well :)

Birthday week for Sailor Jane!

It started off ridiculously sweet for these two.
The swim team's annual swim-a-thon fundraiser's grand prize this year was 2 tickets to Disneyland.
It was Ben's year to raise our family's cost.

But the lure of the prize was too much for Sailor & she talked Ben into letting her help.
It paid off well for them & they won.

- - -

This is her are-you-really-going-to-make-me-wash-dishes-in-the-back-laundry-sink face.

We are.

Because .....
Life, darling.

And birthday week is not all about thrones & tiaras.
But way to rock that apron, babe  < dancing girl, emoji >

- - -

The movies on a whim decision was a part of birthday week.

- - -

She was actually gone for most of her birthday & dinner was the meal we finally had her back for.
A dinner of french toast & not enough candles.

- - -

A late night sleepover, ice cream, unlimited chocolate sauce & a chick-flick on the laptop.
I'm so.so glad she has these girlfriends.

- - -

Next we have random pictures from her phone ....
because, 13.

She hand drew & enter this poster in a contest & won ..... $100 bucks for it.

- - -

Her birthday treat was a check off on her bucket list of going to Great America.
As told in her own words :)

Great America was definitely an adventure mainly because dad literally can't go anywhere without losing his wallet. This time he lost his keys too. (grandmas keys mind you) And we didn't have any food and we were starving and it was 3'oclock and it was like a hundred degrees and all he had was apple pay... So we spent like two hours wAlKiNg to a tiny chevron store thing and got $40. Two of the guys from church drove all the way to great america to give us the spare keys. But we had fun and it great.

"but we had fun & it great"

- - -

I told her birthday snaps this year didn't have to be elaborate .... but I rEalLy wanted something.

Naturally she had nothing to wear, her hair wasn't done & it was too hot.
How 'bout that cute dress you were just given?
Your hair is amazing up, down or inside out.
Yes it's hot .... but I'm sure I'll be hotter :)

It was 107 yesterday.
It was sweaty where my nose touched the back of the camera!

- - -

- - -

You are beautiful in ways you will never know.
You are loved & accepted & known by a God who has given you an identity in Him.
xo, all the love Twinks.

- - -

' ... and may I be found in Him .... ' phil 3:9